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Instant loan without credit bureau in 24 hours.

Are you looking for an instant loan without Credit Bureau with a 24-hour credit check? Before you spend a lot of money on a lot of hot advertising air, read the post. You will find all the most important information on the fastest loan without Credit Bureau.

Instant credit without Credit Bureau in 24 hours – the promise

Instant credit without Credit Bureau in 24 hours - the promise

An instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours only promises the preliminary credit check within 24 hours, but not a credit decision. There is probably no other loan that is promoted as extensively as a loan without Credit Bureau. For the credit brokers behind the advertisements, “attention” is the top priority. Credit Bureau-free loans can be marketed best if they are advertised as an instant loan with quick payouts.

The advertising exaggeration begins with the term instant credit. An instant loan is a bank loan that is quickly checked and decided using the simplified procedure. A credit decision in the simplified procedure is made almost exclusively by the score and the clean Credit Bureau. The entire procedure is based on a computer decision. The program only queries the basic parameters of the income and decides on the Credit Bureau based on the credit check.

It is now clear that such a procedure is not possible without Credit Bureau. Nevertheless, the advertising exaggeration is forgivable. Even a loan without Credit Bureau can be decided promptly, despite a comprehensive credit check. The promise of a preliminary credit check is somewhat presumptuous. The preliminary check is not carried out by the lender, but only by an intermediary. The criteria by which a bank decides exactly is a well-kept trade secret. The agent can only check generally known key data. This data can also be checked on your own, just read on.

Loan provider for Credit Bureau-free loans

Loan provider for Credit Bureau-free loans

The advertisement for an “instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours”, also called a Swiss loan, always refers to a foreign credit bank. In Germany, no credit institution grants loans without Credit Bureau.By the way, Swiss loans have not come from Switzerland since 2009. All current legal loan offers refer to a single credit bank in Liechtenstein. It is Cream Bank AG. As far as is known, no other bank that could grant Credit Bureau-free loans has the license to do so in Germany.

A Credit Bureau-free loan can be applied for directly from the provider or through a credit broker. The Cream Bank offer only includes a loan without Credit Bureau, although no recognizable special conditions for credit intermediaries are granted, as far as recognizable all urgent and instant loans relate to the Lite bank. 

A credit broker can be expected to get cheaper interest rates, even better approval chances or a faster payment. – The loan is only guaranteed to be more expensive, everyone pays extra for the convenience of submitting the application through a credit intermediary. Even quicker than with instant credit without Credit Bureau with a 24-hour credit check, the pre-check is under your own control.

Who is qualified for a loan without Credit Bureau?

Who is qualified for a loan without Credit Bureau?

The loan offer of the Liechtensteiner Bank is aimed exclusively at employees who are in an employment relationship that is subject to social security contributions. Only employees who have been employed by their employer for an unlimited period of at least 12 months can qualify for the loan.

Labor income plays a central role in lending. It must neither be attached nor assigned. A loan is only secured through the attachable portion of the net work income. Neither a guarantor nor property security can have a positive impact on credit opportunities. It is therefore important for the loan approval to have an income level that is significantly above the garnishment-free limit.

The net income to be proven for a single person without maintenance obligations is, with a loan amount of 3,500 USD, 1,130 USD per month. If the applicant is married or single with a child, the amount increases. In this case, a monthly net income of at least 1,550 USD has already been specified.

The second loan amount, which is advertised via an “instant loan without Credit Bureau in 24 hours”, is a net loan of 5,000 USD. In this case, a single applicant must already prove 1,600 USD net income. It would be very extensive to state the respective income requirement for every marital status. The telephone service, Cream Bank works with a normal telephone number, it can also be called cheaply from abroad. The question about the individual income requirement is quickly asked and answered.

In addition to a detailed examination of the income situation, the creditworthiness is also checked by inspecting the public debt register. Those who are negatively noted in the public debt register can save themselves the application for an instant loan without Credit Bureau with a 24-hour credit check. A Credit Bureau-free loan with EV, arrest warrant or private bankruptcy cannot be approved.

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