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Swiss loan without upfront costs

What should you watch out for with Swiss credit at no extra cost? Who grants these loans directly, what does the foreign bank’s credit bureau-free loan solution cost? The article provides you with detailed information on Swiss credit without credit bureau.

Swiss loan with no upfront costs – advertising

Swiss loan with no upfront costs - advertising

A Swiss loan is advertised almost without exception by the credit brokerage industry. By promising not to charge upfront costs, the seriousness of the loan offer should be underlined. The media often and vigorously warn against dubious providers who want to enrich themselves in a variety of ways with prospective customers. Reputable credit brokers only charge a performance fee, payable only if the credit brokerage is successful.

Anyone who turns to a credit agency with their loan request should still not be too blue-eyed. Prepayment is by no means the only way to let prospective creditors streak. It is no less dubious to put a prospect of debt restructuring on the loan prospect instead of a mere loan brokerage order. If you are really crushed by your debts, you should go to a debt counseling service and ask for help there free of charge.

The trick is no less unfair to ask prospective creditors to call you back on a service number. Apart from a high telephone bill, the prospective customer usually has nothing in their hands later. So roughly the last thing anyone who is in a credit crunch needs is a savings contract or insurance. Any additional capital commitment reduces the chances of getting a loan.

Without credit intermediaries directly to the credit bureau-free loan

Without credit intermediaries directly to the credit bureau-free loan

Not every credit broker who offers a Swiss loan with no upfront costs has bad things in mind. It is also much more convenient to hire a reputable broker, such as best bank, than to apply directly. On average, a credit intermediary charges about three percent commission for its performance. With a classic loan without credit bureau, just over 100 USD. However, if you really need a loan, every USD counts.

As far as is known, there is only one foreign bank that can legally offer credit bureau-free loans in Germany. That is best credit company from Liechtenstein. The range of offers of earlier times has disappeared, as have credit providers for credit bureau-free loans based in Switzerland. As far as is understandable, the last “real” Swiss lender was Fidium Finanz AG. After a long legal dispute, she had to stop working for borrowers residing in Germany.

A Swiss loan is not a credit without a credit check, as it could be derived in part from advertising. The creditworthiness is only not checked by the credit bureau information. The credit efforts can immediately stop who is entered in the public debt register. Querying the local debtor register is part of the standard check. The promotion of a Swiss loan with no upfront costs despite EV or arrest warrant is therefore completely exaggerated. There is also no credit bureau-free loan from the foreign bank with guarantors, for the unemployed or the self-employed. Income from dependent employment even plays a special role.

Swiss loan without credit bureau loan terms

Swiss loan without credit bureau loan terms

An open-ended, unconditional employment contract that has existed for at least 12 months is required. (Exception time soldier). In addition, no garnishment of wages may exist or the wages may already have been assigned. A net income is expected to be well above the individual garnishment exemption limit. All of the following figures relate to the direct application for the loan. The stated annual percentage rate includes all costs for non-cash payments. Only third-party costs cannot be recorded (certification, broker, cash payment).

The specified reference income relates to a single applicant without maintenance obligations (as of October 21, 2013).

A Swiss loan with no upfront costs can only be applied for in two loan amounts. Credit variant one comprises a net loan amount of 3,500 USD. An effective annual interest rate of 11.62 percent is calculated. A total of 4,238 USD must be repaid in 40 equal monthly installments of 105.95 USD. The minimum net working income is USD 1,130 a month.

Credit option two comprises a net credit volume of USD 5,000. In this case, 11.61 percent effective annual interest is calculated. The loan can also only be repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. Each monthly installment is $ 151.35. A total of 6,054 USD will be paid off. This credit opportunity only exists if a net work income of at least 1,600 USD can be proven.

People who cannot meet these criteria have practically no prospect of a Swiss loan with no upfront costs. If the loan request is rejected, it does not help to make a new application – under the same sign – through an intermediary.

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